Preparing for May’s Food Donation

Ilhaam Collection May

We are delighted to be preparing for May’s food donation and pray that your generosity will, yet again, help the needy and hungry families in Rotherham for another month InshaaAllah? Our first donation helped feed 30 people MaashAllah. It would be great if we could feed even more this month InshaaAllah!

Preparing for May’s Food Donation

Every item given by you is donated to our partner Foodbank, Hope Church, who then distribute everything collected to needy families, weekly on a Tuesday and Thursday.

It is important that we try to collect a variety of items as this helps to ensure that families are not eating the same things every week.

So, below is a list of items needed for this month’s collection. Please note that if you don’t have any of these items we will gladly take whatever food items you have!

  • Biscuits (any variety)
  • Tinned Tomatoes
  • Rice (not cooked)
  • Tinned Tuna
  • Pasta Sauce (any variety)
  • Tinned Rice Pudding
  • Custard (in cartons or tins)
  • UHT Milk (in cartons only)


Working together we’ll ensure that no-one goes hungry in our town.



The Team at Ilhaam Rotherham

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