Join Our Network

At Ilhaam we want our network to cover the whole of the UK. Whether you are an individual or a group (small or large) with a focus to be active in your community then please join our network?

The benefits of joining our network include;

  • Formal association with a network that is focussed on supporting Muslims to;
    • Be active in our communities
    • Pro-actively add value to our communities
    • Share best practice and support one another to become active or aim for bigger projects
  • Together we become more visible and are able to clearly show the scale of active community work being done by Muslims in the UK
  • Together we are stronger – and importantly, we can learn from one another
  • We can identify, capture and share best practice across the network e.g. if you want to start a Food Bank – access  existing knowledge and expertise from within the network
  • There is an option for you to have a page on our website (click here for an example)

Ready to join us?

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