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‘Ilhaam’ means inspiration in Arabic and it is the intention for Ilhaam to help Muslims become pro-actively engaged in their local communities.

Without doubt there are lots of existing activities ongoing all around us. We want to support those that want to do something and are not sure how to begin.

Capture and share best practice

We believe there are many individuals and families across the UK that aspire to make positive contributions to the towns and cities that they live in. Whilst this is admirable and actually putting it into practice can give rise to challenges.


By gathering best practice, we want to create a network of LEARNING AND DOING!

This is why Ilhaam wants to create ‘connected networks’ i.e. to capture best practice from those individuals / groups that are successfully active, document and then share that experience as best practice. It doesn’t make sense for us all to learn / re-learn ‘how-to’ set up a coffee morning, foodbank or whatever they are trying to do to make our communities better places to work and live.

The benefits of charity

Charity is healing

Ilhaam - charity is healing

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At Ilhaam we want our network to cover the whole of the UK. Whether you are an individual, a family or a group (small or large) with a focus to be active in your community, then please join our network!

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Are you ready to make a difference? Click the button below and be ready to start something amazing. Ilhaam’s Start Something Amazing Flowchart You might be thinking that you’ve never done anything for the…