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Collecting for July's Donation 0

Collecting for July’s Donation

It’s amazing how fast the days fly by, it’s that time of the month again Ilhaam Foodbank Rotherham are already planning collecting for July’s donation.   Collecting for July’s Donation June has seen a very...

Collecting for June's food donation 0

Collecting for June’s Food Donation

It’s that time again and the team at Ilhaam Foodbank Rotherham are busy collecting for June’s food donation. What makes this month’s collection significant is that we are in the blessed month of Ramadan.

Ilhaam Collection May 0

Preparing for May’s Food Donation

We are delighted to be preparing for May’s food donation and pray that your generosity will, yet again, help the needy and hungry families in Rotherham for another month InshaaAllah? Our first donation helped...


Welcome to Ilhaam

Welcome to Ilhaam. Thank you for visiting our site! Ilhaam came into existence on 6th February 2018. It followed an event, The Ottomans: Historical Lessons for Modern Times, hosted by RZG (Rotherham Zikr Group)...