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The Possibilities Are Endless

You might be thinking that you’ve never done anything for the ‘greater good’, you’re not part of a large group or there’s only you and a few friends / family and yet you still want to have a go?

Whether you’re part of a bigger group or not, we want you to get involved with Ilhaam.

Sometimes it can be difficult getting involved in good causes if you’re an ‘individual’ that is seemingly all alone.

Our guidance is to look yourself in the mirror, take a deep breath and believe in yourself. Remember that most good actions start with intention and then with dua (prayers) they grow into something bigger and better!

Are you ready to make a difference?


  1. Choose something that you enjoy doing i.e. something that doesn’t feel like / is hard work. Keep in mind factors like time, cost and effort required
  2. Children, nephews and nieces are great potential candidates and they will ensure that everyone has fun!
  3. Plan ahead and be ready for the unexpected – remember this is NOT work so have fun
  4. Show what you can do – don’t be shy!
  5. This is particularly relevant if you decide to do a cooking class with children e.g. teaching them how to cook a pizza, burger or biscuits. By sharing the results of your efforts you’ve already been a fantastic Ilhaam AMBASSADOR by engaging in community activities
  6. It’s always a good idea to ask what could be done better next time – so that everyone has MORE fun. Don’t be too hard on yourself – this is NOT work
  7. Now that all the hard work has been done PLEASE SHARE your photos with us


Ilhaam’s Start Something Amazing Flowchart

Ilhaam's Start Something Amazing Flowchart

Final word, remember you are NOT ALONE so do get in touch if we can offer any guidance or support?