Ilhaam – Working Together with Food Aware

An Interview with Sean Gibbons Ilhaam has been actively supporting Food Aware and Mexborough Foodbank for a while, making regular food donations. In this video Abdul Ghani, from Ilhaam, interviews Sean Gibbons, MD Food Aware. We get an insight into the experience of working with a Muslim organisation, find out more about Sean, how theContinue reading “Ilhaam – Working Together with Food Aware”

Ilhaam Winter 2018 Donation

With all the generous donations made by fellow Muslims in Rotherham we have made a second successful food donation to hungry .families and individuals in Mexborough. Feed the hungry winter 2018 campaign The team at Ilhaam started a second campaign to collect much needed food to support Mexborough Foodbank. Following on from the successful firstContinue reading “Ilhaam Winter 2018 Donation”

Muslims to support a second time

Following on from our hugely successful first campaign the team at Ilhaam are delighted to be working again with the Muslim community to collect food for the needy families of Rotherham. Three months ago in September, Rotherham’s Muslim’s donated enough food to feed well over 50 families in Mexborough. Ilhaam has been contacted by Sean Gibbons,Continue reading “Muslims to support a second time”

Support the homeless this Eid Milad un Nabi 2018

  Eid Milad-un-Nabi is the celebration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him). Celebrations go on for a whole month and take place across the Muslim world. Ilhaam wants to use the joy and goodwill that stems from this Milad (celebration) and raise funds to support the homeless!

Ilhaam unites Rotherham Muslims to respond to food appeal

Ilhaam unites Rotherham Muslims to respond to food appeal Ilhaam has brought the Muslim community together and responded by collecting urgently needed food for the people of Mexborough. Responding to an appeal by Food AWARE, Ilhaam worked with seven Rotherham mosques, where worshippers were asked to bring in donations to their local mosque. The teamContinue reading “Ilhaam unites Rotherham Muslims to respond to food appeal”

Barnardo’s Rotherham support Ilhaam campaign

Barnardo’s Go Above and Beyond Barnado’s Rotherham support Ilhaam campaign to raise much needed food donations. Debbie Houghton, Store Manager, said “when I heard about the campaign it inspired me to get involved’. Upon hearing about the campaign from one of the store volunteer’s, Debbie sprung into action. Debbie highlighted the campaign at a Barnardo’sContinue reading “Barnardo’s Rotherham support Ilhaam campaign”

Rotherham Muslims unite and respond to food appeal

Ilhaam, working with seven Rotherham mosques, has brought the Muslim community together to begin collecting urgently needed food. An appeal was made by the mosques for the community to bring in food at next Friday’s prayers. Ilhaam will then collect and hand over ALL food donations to Mexborough Foodbank.   Why Are We Doing This?Continue reading “Rotherham Muslims unite and respond to food appeal”

Collecting for July’s Donation

It’s amazing how fast the days fly by, it’s that time of the month again Ilhaam Foodbank Rotherham are already planning collecting for July’s donation.   Collecting for July’s Donation June has seen a very busy and spiritual time for Muslim households, as it has been the holy month of Ramadan. This month has been aContinue reading “Collecting for July’s Donation”