Rotherham Zikr Group (RZG) first came together around 11 years ago. Following a visit to Maulana Shaykh Nazim (qs) in northern Cyprus the town was given permission for a weekly zikr to be held with the blessings of Maulana Shaykh Nazim (qs).

RZG is made up from a group of volunteers, who regularly donate money and give up their time to make their community a better place. Spirituality and traditional Islam is at our core as is following the Naqshbandi tariqa (spiritual path / way).

We believe in love, peace and harmony for all and encourage association of like minded individuals through our weekly zikr. RZG are always keen to engage with wider communities to make our local neighbourhoods better places to live and work.

Whilst we are always trying to be active in our communities it is important to state that RZG has no political affiliation with any group.

The final thing to say is that we have a weekly zikr (meditation) circle on a Thursday evening and EVERYONE IS WELCOME!