Our Network


Our Network

We are a group of community activists that want to make our communities a better place. By helping everyone in our communities we can ensure that support is available when it is most needed. Together we are stronger.

Organisation Name (Date Joined)

Rotherham Zikr Group (Rotherham) – 6th February 2018

Shaykh Nazim Sufi Centre (London) – 18th February 2018

Noor ul Islam Mosque (Bury) – 20th February 2018

Noah’s Zikr Group (Sheffield) – 23rd February 2018

Manchester Zikr Group (Manchester) – 25th February 2018

Naqshibandi AlHaqqani (Ridderkerk, Holland) – 25th February 2018

Naqshbandi Bradford Zikr (Bradford) – 26th February 2018

Sport of Kings (Manchester) – 27th February 2018

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