Ilhaam unites Rotherham Muslims to respond to food appeal

Ilhaam deliver donated food
A job well done

Ilhaam unites Rotherham Muslims to respond to food appeal

Ilhaam has brought the Muslim community together and responded by collecting urgently needed food for the people of Mexborough.

Responding to an appeal by Food AWARE, Ilhaam worked with seven Rotherham mosques, where worshippers were asked to bring in donations to their local mosque.

The team at Ilhaam collected the donations and handed over the food to Sean Gibbons, Managing Director at Food AWARE, Mexborough, on Friday (21/09/18).

“I’m really grateful for all the generosity shown by the seven mosques and the hard work by Ilhaam”, said Sean. “It’s an amazing effort.”


The mosques involved were;

– Jamia Masjid Abu Bakr, Russell Street, Eastwood
– Markaz-ul-Uloom Al-Islamia, Ridge Road, Eastwood
– Jamiah Masjid Anwar-e-Mustafa, College Road, Masborough
– Jamia Masjid, Tooker Road, Wellgate
– Raza-e-Mustafa Masjid, Broom Lane, Broom

– Markazi Jamia Masjid, Chapel Walk, Masborough
– Masjid-e-Uthman, Milton Road, Eastwood


Barnardo’s rises to the challenge

Barnardos-Supporting Ilhaam appeal

Ilhaam also received contributions from Barnardo’s on Wellgate, Rotherham. Debbie Houghton, Store Manager, said “when I heard about the campaign it inspired me to get involved’.

Debbie highlighted the campaign at a Barnardo’s Area Managers meeting where all the managers brought in food donations. “It was the easy thing to do and everyone chipped in.”


Ilhaam – Why Are We Doing This?

“Ilhaam is all about getting people to be active in our communities and to make a positive impact”, said Abdul Ghani Director at Ilhaam. “When we heard the appeal on local radio we just had to respond. In less than two weeks we had gathered support from across the community to help the needy families of Mexborough.”


Whilst making the delivery today the Ilhaam team witnessed people accessing the foodbank. The team of volunteers at Food AWARE wasted no time taking food just donated and laying it out available for service users to take home.




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