Ilhaam – One Year & Counting

Ilhaam - one year and counting

It’s an amazing milestone

It’s exactly a year today that Ilhaam came into existence. In the past 365 days we’ve achieved so many amazing things. From nothing we’ve created an organisation that is still working to help and support Muslims to become more active in our communities. All of our activities have focused on supporting our local non Muslim neighbours, in homes where families have needed a little support to make it through the week.

So many successes

There are too many successes to mention them all here. I will pick out a few.

Ilhaam Foodbank:

Ilhaam has collected and donated almost ONE TONNE of food in our FIRST year. I remember dropping the first few tins of food, into my shopping basket, and worrying where the next donation would come from. Our local Muslim communities have admirably stepped up to the mark and have regularly donated food.

Ilhaam Woman’s Hour:

Ilhaam's Woman's Hour

This project is perhaps the one that I am most proud of. It’s so amazing to see the ladies in our communities come together every month for a cuppa, a chat and a slice of cake. The important points to note here are that they are the ones who bake the cakes (the children get involved too).

The ladies who attend donate food so everyone wins! The sessions are developing into information sharing so we can add ‘education and learning’ onto our list of successes.

You – Our most important success!

It goes without saying that our single most important success has been YOU our supporters! We would not have been able to grow and develop the way that we have done without your kindness, generosity and support!

Please accept my sincerest thanks for every tin, cake, pound donated!

Abdul Ghani, Ilhaam Director

What’s next?

Whilst we will continue with our current projects, watch this space for some exciting announcements?

Finally – please, please continue to support us!

Want to get involved?

Whether you want to make a donation, want to know more about us or perhaps want to support Ilhaam in some other way please get in touch? We welcome any and all support offered!