Ilhaam Foodbank Rotherham

Every day more and more people are finding themselves going hungry. There are a number of reasons; being out of work, unexpected bills, rising living costs and so on. Ilhaam Foodbank Rotherham has been set up to support the hungry and needy. Our aim is to support disadvantaged families suffering food poverty in the local Rotherham area.


Being in need of food or basic living items, is a fundamental that many of us take for granted. The irony is mountains of food are wasted, there is an ever increasing need for food amongst the needy in our communities. At Ilhaam we believe that no one in our town should face hunger or go without at least one meal a day.

Merits of feeding the hungry

Hunger does not differentiate based on creed or colour. Neither does Ilhaam Foodbank Rotherham. Whilst Ilhaam is a Muslim organisation we are keen to help any family that is going through hard times. We feel that it is our duty and honour to support those in their time of need.

The righteous are those that feed the poor, the orphan and the captive for the love of Allah saying: we feed you for the sake of Allah alone. We seek from you neither rewards of thanks (Surah Insaan)


Oh people spread peace (extend greetings), feed the hungry and pray at night when people are sleeping and you will enter paradise in peace (Sahih)


Amongst the best deeds are to feed the poor and the deserving and to greet those whom you know and those whom you do not know (Bukhari)


What to donate

Here is a list of typical items

Milk (long-life)
Juice / Squash
Sugar / Sweetener
Tea / Coffee
Jam / Marmalade / Honey
Cereal / Oats / Porridge
Biscuits / Crackers
Cereal Bars
Instant Noodles
Cooking Oil
Rice / Pasta / Spaghetti (not cooked)
Pasta Sauce / Curry Sauce
Lentils (yellow/red)
Soup (tins/boxes)
Baked Beans / Spaghetti Hoops
Chick Peas / Kidney Beans (tins)
Fruit & Vegetables (tins)
Stock Cubes (vegetarian)
Tuna (tins)
Salt / Pepper
Rice Pudding / Custard
Baby Milk / Baby Food
Shampoo/Soap/Toilet Roll
Hand-Wash/Washing-Up Liquid

Poster – Ilhaam Foodbank Rotherham


How it works?

Donating food via Ilhaam Foodbank Rotherham is a simple yet effective way of ensuring much needed food items are received by those most in need.

  1. You are invited to donate food and / or toiletries
  2. Any money donated towards this cause will be used to purchase food
  3. We can collect donations (depending on what you donate and the physical size of items being donated)
  4. ALL donated foods etc are taken to our partner foodbank where they are processed, checked, shelved and regularly stock controlled and distributed to those most in need

Want to get involved?

Whether you want to make a donation or want to volunteer to support Ilhaam Foodbank Rotherham please get in touch? We welcome any and all support offered.