Barnardo’s Rotherham support Ilhaam campaign

Barnardos-Supporting Ilhaam appeal
Debbie and the team also contributed to the appeal

Barnardo’s Go Above and Beyond

Barnado’s Rotherham support Ilhaam campaign to raise much needed food donations. Debbie Houghton, Store Manager, said “when I heard about the campaign it inspired me to get involved’.

Upon hearing about the campaign from one of the store volunteer’s, Debbie sprung into action. Debbie highlighted the campaign at a Barnardo’s Area Managers meeting where all the managers brought in food donations. “It was the easy thing to do and everyone chipped in. An amazing two bags worth of food was donated”.



Debbie has been store manager for 2 years having spent twenty years at Next (eight of those years as a manager). Barnardo’s is the UK’s largest children’s charity. Debbie’s store is located on Wellgate in central Rotherham. About her store Debbie said “Every item donated in our stores are sold to raise money for vulnerable children. Items like shoes, clothes, DVD’s and bedding can be donated, anything – nothing is thrown away!” (Please note that when donating furniture health and safety regulations may apply)


Ilhaam’s Response

“It’s gives me an incredible feeling of ‘togetherness’ and community spirit when we meet people like Debbie and the team at Barnardo’s’, said Abdul Ghani, Director at Ilhaam. “When I met Debbie I saw everything that inspires me to do what I do. Debbie has a huge heart and it’s great to see people of Rotherham coming together to help and support each other”.


Mexborough Food Appeal

Ilhaam jumped into action when they heard a radio appeal for food by Mexborough Foodbank. Ilhaam got support from local mosques in Rotherham who made announcements at Friday prayers for worshippers to bring in food donations the following week Friday.

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